Mens Orthopedic Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis, Athletic Toe-Post Sandals with Arch Support, Comfort Walking Thong Slippers for Sport Exercise Activities

Mens Orthopedic Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis, Athletic Toe-Post Sandals with Arch Support, Comfort Walking Thong Slippers for Sport Exercise Activities

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Product Description

men's flip flopsmen's flip flops

men flip flop sandalmen flip flop sandal


Meet Customer Needs

In the beginning we develop and design women’s sandals, but the women’s sandals already didn’t meet the needs of our customers. Regular customers often ask us if we have men sandals because they want comfortable and simple men sandals for their lover.

Targeted Development Design

Nowadays, ordinary flat sandals can not satisfy the foot problem of customers. A large proportion of people suffer from plantar fasciitis and need functional shoes to relieve the fatigue of standing and walking every day.

Solve Foot problem

MEGNYA designed men’s sandals with high arch support, which can effectively relieve the foot pain caused by standing up after sitting for a long time, or after walking for a long time or doing physical exercise. It is the leisure sandal that accords with the request of broad audience.

men flip flop sandalmen flip flop sandal


Types of Arch

The arch of the foot is generally divided into high arch, neutral arch and flat arch. Flat feet are pronated, and high arches are pronated.

Functions of Arch

The main function of the arch of the foot is to distribute the weight forward from the ankle through the talus to the metatarsal head, and backward to the calcaneus to ensure solid plantar support when upright.

Arch elasticity plays an important role in cushioning shock when the body jumps or lands from high places. As you walk, the elasticity of the arch cushions the rhythm between the body’s downward gravity and the ground’s rebound. Premium orthotic flip-flops with an anatomical arch support prevent the foot from rolling inwards, plantar fascitis, diabeties, swollen feet and arthritis, improving foot & body alignment and enhancing comfort from heel to toe.

men flip flop sandalmen flip flop sandal


Genuine Leather

Genuine Leather is an excellent leather material, which is very tough and soft. It’s widely loved by urban and rural consumers. This fabric strap is no fleece and ball, has good anti-wrinkle performance and strong wear performance.

Healthcare Massage

Footbed design with massage granules for healthcare pedicure. Proper pressing of the plantar fascia can effectively relieve the supporting capacity of the sole of the foot and avoid damage to the sole due to overload.

Firm & Durable

Men’s sandals with high arches are healthy companions for life. The method that prevents plantar fasciitis is not only control weight and adjust movement way, but also have a sandal that providing good support and protection for the feet when daily walking.

Friendly Material

These flip flops use synthetic rubber material, which are artificial production, tasteless and friendly. Each pair of shoes is handmade stitching, stripes are firm and perfect. There is a senior inspection personnel do professional inspect, to ensure that every pair of shoes without defects.

men flip flop sandalmen flip flop sandal

Anti-slip and Flexible

The design of each pair of shoes is not only tailored to the customer, but also responsible for the safety of the customer, so the performance of non-slip and flexibility is the key element of the shoes. Whether you’re walking in a wet bathroom or on a rainy road, these flip flops can protect you from slipping.

men flip flop sandalmen flip flop sandal

Casual and Perfect Fit

MEGNYA classic and casual orthotic flip-flops are the right choice for men. Simple style, but the leather material is elegant and elegant. Good match with shorts, jeans, sweatpants, T-shirts, polo shirts, jackets. Suitable for travel, pool party, vacations, sports, indoor, outdoor. Perfect to take them on hiking, on boating trips and even for walking on beaches.



Foot Disease == Improper standing, walking and running of human body will lead to pain in all parts of the foot, leg, waist, back and shoulder. MEGNYA flip-flops have unique shock mitigation technology, which can help the wearer relieve pain Casual & Fashionista == Whether at home, out for a walk or just sitting in the street, MEGNYA flip-flops are designed to make you stand out from the crowd with a stylish look and are the choice of street photographers. Parents & Elderly People == With the decline of human function, the elderly face more pressure in the feet, legs, joints and tendons. MEGNYA flip-flop sandals can relieve the problems of the elderly people in standing and walking. Sports People == They are the disaster areas of running disease, and even suffer from Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and other diseases. MEGNYA adopt high material technology to make item soft and elastic, reduce foot pressure. Stand & Walk Long Time == Medical staff, teachers, trainers, sales, these people often suffer from swelling pain because of long-term standing, walking. MAGNYA flip-flop sandals have soft characteristics, can promote blood circulation during walking, benefit for legs relaxing.

Rubber sole
★ PU LEATHER == Soft and durable Synthetic PU leather upper with comfort BREATHABLEPADDED INNER, which is good ANTI-WRINKLE performance and STRONG WEAR performance. Special design with a small part of fabric shows your sport spirits. It was tight sewing with the sole, uneasy to split.
★ ARCH SUPPORT == Orthotic flip flops offer the BEST ORTHOPEDIC SHOE solution for PLANTAR FASCIITIS. Anatomical arch support flip flops for men give you a refreshing feel of satisfaction every step you walk. SHOCK ABSORBING with good HEEL CUP position EVA foam footbed is more benefit for outdoor activities. Prove heel and foot PAIN RELIEF effectively.
★ SPORTS ACTIVITY == Our TOE-POST sandal features soft LEATHER and FABRIC webbing design, suitable for outdoor sports. And our biomechanically designed footbed that HUGS YOUR ARCHES and SUPPORTS YOUR FEET in all-day comfort. FLEXIBLE and DURABLE sole makes you feel comfortable and confidence while walking or jumping.
★ NON-SLIP & SHOCK ABSORBING == Light in weight and slip resistance is the most important for sports. This sports flip flops are tailor-made for casual outdoor activities. Made of natural rubber out sole and EVA footbed, features such as tasteless, anti skid, foam cushiony, lightweight and shock absorbing.
★ PERFECT FIT == Perfect to take them on hiking, on boating trips and even for walking on beaches. Suitable for pool party, sports, travel, indoor, outdoor. Good match with jeans, workout shorts, sweatpants, T-shirts, polo shirts, jackets.

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