OleksynPrannyk Leather Watch Roll Travel Jewelry Organizer Handmade Watch Storage Case Protective Watch Holder with Closing Strap (Dark Chocolate)

OleksynPrannyk Leather Watch Roll Travel Jewelry Organizer Handmade Watch Storage Case Protective Watch Holder with Closing Strap (Dark Chocolate)

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Product Description

handmade crazy horse leather watch roll-up case five watch bands travel case made in usahandmade crazy horse leather watch roll-up case five watch bands travel case made in usa

How you store a watch collection determines how long this collection will last. Soft leather roll-up watch case handcrafted in USA with special attention to every detail makes it a great choice to provide organization for your watch collection and protect it for scratches and gashes. Watch roll has 5 separate pockets, spacious and deep enough so your watch can be securely placed and it won`t fall out. You can roll it up and close with the adjustable strap, to make it more compact and save space. Due to this slim design this lightweight watch roll is also perfect for travel as it will easily slide into your backpack or suitcase.

The watch roll is made of real large cattle leather known as Crazy Horse, it is distressed leather, very durable and strong, but it is also soft and has great tactility. Crazy horse leather production involves applying a special kind of wax to the smooth, full grain leather surface. Due to the wax used, this leather can withstand most liquids for better protection of the watches inside. Wax enhances the fibers of the leather, and when they are scratched or rubbed, the natural color of the leather changes its shade and gives it distressed look.

As a watch owner you probably already know how annoying it can be to have your watches lying around the house or losing them all the time. With this watch roll you can easily organize your watch collection and store it in one place. The watch case is made to serve a lifetime. It is useful solid accessory and it can also be a great gift idea for your friend, spouse, colleague or boss.

leather watch case roll holder protectiveleather watch case roll holder protective


Full-grain leatherOlive leather color5 separate compartmentsFits up to 5 watch bandsPocket width – 3 inchesSnap fastenerAdjustable closing strapQuality craftsmanshipNeat edges

crazy horse leather hide handmade leather goods in usa olprcrazy horse leather hide handmade leather goods in usa olpr


Crazy horse is cowhide leather with waxed surface. This leather type has the following characteristics:

it looks aged – eternal antique and vintage look that is displayed almost immediately after use the full-grain leather is lustreless, it has smooth matted surfacethis type of leather is very soft highly durable and strong water-resistance – wax used during processing creates a protective barrier and it allows Crazy Horse leather to withstand most liquids through the wear and tear, the crazy horse will become a scratched and rubbed, showing a change of color tone that truly reflects the vintage and rustic look.

handmade leather goods in usahandmade leather goods in usa


Leather watch rolls are made in the USA in a small family workshop located in Mooresville, North Carolina. Here we design unique items that are handcrafted and worked down to the smallest details. ​We treat each and every item we produce with special care. Every single product is made to last you for a lifetime no matter how much you use it!

SPECIFICATIONS: Watch roll fits up to 5 watch bands, pocket width is 3 inches. Roll-up case has a snap fastener and adjustable closing strap to provide organization and adequate protection against scratches.
LEATHER: Watch roll is handmade of high-quality full-grain cowhide Chromium tanned leather , also known as Milwaukee Leather, in nice Dark Chocolate color. This type of leather is very soft but highly durable and strong.The leather production involves applying special wax, which gives it a little rubs and scratches. Through wear and tear, the leather will show a change of color tone truly reflecting it`s character.
ADVANTAGES: This watch case is lightweight and compact as well, so is perfect for day-to-day use as well as for travelling, when space is at a premium. Keep your watches safe and sound in this beautiful protective leather storage case.
HANDMADE: Leather watch roll made in the USA from 100% full grain cowhide. Each item is individually handcrafted and is a unique one-off item, no two will be exactly the same. Travel watch case will get better and softer over time the more it’s handled.
GREAT GIFT: This leather watch case is a truly unique and wonderful gift for all occasions. It can be given as meaningful gift for travelers, colleague or friend. You can also buy one for yourself.

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