CVD method for foamed nickel substrate with 3D graphene foam nickel (1cm×1cm)

CVD method for foamed nickel substrate with 3D graphene foam nickel (1cm×1cm)

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The three-dimensional graphene network is a three-dimensional network of graphene based on the growth of graphene film layer on the foam metal base by chemical vapor deposition and the three-dimensional porous skeleton of the foam substrate. Three dimensional graphene has the characteristics of large surface area, good conductivity and light weight.

Application fields:

(1) it is suitable for super capacitor, lithium-ion battery, aluminum battery, nano battery and other electrochemistry.

Energy storage devices:

(2) it is suitable for chemical sensor and gas sensor.

Compared with traditional heat dissipating materials such as copper and aluminum, graphene foam has many advantages: light weight and easy processing. ; good thermal conductivity;Ventilation and heat dissipation; ideal cooling material
The three-dimensional graphene prepared by the CVD method has high specific surface area, excellent electrical conductivity and porous structure, enabling the 3D graphene foam to be applied in many fields.
CVD technology was used to prepare foam graphene material with three-dimensional connectivity network structure. The graphene material completely replicated the structure of foam metal, and graphene formed a fully connected whole with seamless connection. It has excellent charge conduction ability, very low density, high porosity and high specific surface area, and also has excellent graphene electricity. Science, heat, mechanical properties.

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