Swellpro SplashDrone 3+ Waterproof Base Platform

Swellpro SplashDrone 3+ Waterproof Base Platform

Price: $999.00
(as of Sep 21,2021 17:28:19 UTC – Details)

SplashDrone 3+ Less ThanBrGreater ThanThe latest SplashDrone 3+ is the most reliable and versatile waterproof drone yet. With its modular waterproof accessories, you can quickly change the drone to suit your needs. Choose from accessories such as cameras for filming or release mechanisms for fishing or search and rescue.Tough & WaterproofLess ThanBrGreater ThanSwellpro Exclusive Ventilation TechnologyA new access hatch with pressure equalization allows altimeter accuracy with out per mitting water entry. Durable reinforced ABS to ensure a perfect waterproof sealLess ThanBRGreater Than Corrosion-resistant throughout, designed for marine use At Least two computerized pressure testsAll-weather Power SystemFly the SplashDrone 3+ safely and smooth with more confidence on water, in rain and snow. Power and maneuverability to fly in words up to Beaufort Force 4 (18mph/28 kmh) with gusts to Force 6 (31mph/49 kmh).S3 Flight ControllerIntegrated with new sensors and a powerful propulsion system, allows for greater sensitivity and accuracy than ever.Checks for errors and offers redundancy to improve flight stability. The dual-mode GPS locks onto up to 24 satellites from the GPS and GLONASS systems for improved accuracy and speed of positioning.High Thrust MotorsStrong performance, speed and lifting capacity. A special coating system ensures maximum resistance to salt water corrosion and power delivery for take-off from water

Aircraft – Remote Controller – Drone Battery – Controller Battery – Balance Charger – Balance Charger Cable – Propellers – Battery Charger Cable – Landing Gears – Accessories Package – Carry Case – Swellpro 3 Month Limited Warranty on Battery with Less than 200 Charge Cycles – 6 Month Limited Warranty on Battery Charger – 1 Year Limited Warranty on Aircraft and Remote Controller – Camera NOT Included
Enhanced waterproofing throughout
Extended flight time up to 25 minutes
Smooth+ remote controls
Power-Flip function when floating

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