5303918301 Garage Heater Kit for Frigidaire Kenmore Refrigerator AP3722172 PS900213 AH900213

5303918301 Garage Heater Kit for Frigidaire Kenmore Refrigerator AP3722172 PS900213 AH900213

Price: $10.98
(as of Dec 02,2021 11:00:59 UTC – Details)

5303918301 Frigidaire Heating Element
Is the refrigerator in your garage not keeping your food frozen or cool enough?
Your issue may be that there isn’t enough heat to trigger the appliance to start working.
This Garage Heater Kit will help your garage refrigerator know that it needs to keep the contents cold even in the cooler temperature of your garage.

Easy to Install
1.Unplug the refrigerator from electrical oulet.
2.Remove 4 screws holding control box to cabinet.
3.Unplug the Molex connector.
4.Remove 2 screws holding defrost timer to control box.
5.Pull back defrost timer.
6.Bend the heater into a U shape.
7.Peel off the paper backing of heater.
8.Align heater holes with defrost timer mounting pegs. Place heater against control box and press down over full surface of heater.
9.Set defrost timer back into position and screw in place.
10.Unplug 2 leads from cold control(Orange and Black wires).
11. Plug orange lead to orange heater lead, then back onto cold control.
12.Plug black lead to blace heater lead, then back to cold control.
13.Reinstall cold control box by first plugging in Molex connector.
14.Screw control box back into refrigerator cabinet using 4 screws you removed ealier.
15.Plug refrigerator into electrical outlet.

Maybe just look a video up on YouTube,you‘ll find it’s so easy to install this Refrigerator Garage Heater Kit.

Package Include:1 x Refrigerator Garage Kit
Perfect fit for Frigidaire Kenmore 5303918301, 1037646, AH900213, EA900213, PS900213, LP15815, AP3722172
Works for Hundreds of Refrigerator model -Frigidaire FFH1767GW, FRS3HR5HW, FRS3R5EMB, FRS6HR5HW, FRS6R5EMB, FRT17B3AW, FRT18IS6CB
Made specifically to be compatible with Frigidaire garage refrigerators
Please Note – This heater kit will NOT work on Frigidaire refrigerators manufactured prior to 2001, on side-by-side or counter-depth models, or on models with electronic controls.
Non original part,but meets OEM standards.

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