Complete Collection BattleVision 6 Pairs As Seen On TV, One to Wear Plus Spare for Sun, Storm for Bad Weather & NightVision for Dark, See Clearly in ALL Condition

Price: $59.97
(as of Dec 02,2021 15:25:53 UTC – Details)

Soldiers depend on clear vision to hit their targets. Now you can get the same HD clarity. For crystal clear vision when it matters most, you need Battle Vision by Atomic Beam. Made with high-tech polarized lenses, Battle Vision helps you see objects you can’t see with the naked eye. That’s why soldiers depend on sharp clarity, as you get with Battle Vision. These unisex polarizing sunglasses instantly eliminate glare, enhance color, and provide your eyes with UV protection. You’ll see much clearer wearing Battle Vision! Whether you’re shooting outdoor photos, walking the dog, playing a match of tennis, or hiking, these sunglasses are a must-have! Battle Vision is built Atomic Tough. Its power hinges deliver unmatched flexibility. The frames snap back to its original shape. Perfect for wearing while driving your car or riding your motorcycle, while hunting, fishing, jogging, sports, walking the boardwalk, or any other outdoor activity! Battle through the glare and see clearer than ordinary lenses alone in these stylish, unisex polarized sunglasses. During bad weather driving can become downright dangerous. That’s why you need Battle Vision Storm glasses, the revolutionary bad weather glasses that enhance vision during rain, snow, sleet, or fog! The high-definition lenses turn your site brighter during bad, stormy weather. You’ll drive with confidence again! But Battle Vision Storm aren’t just for bad weather. Wear during clear nights to reduce glare from lights, or on the boat to minimize the glare from water. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, Battle Vision Storm glasses are built tough with memory frames that can bend and twist, but snap right back to their original shape. Their unisex degisn looks stylish on any gender. The next time there’s a storm, be prepared with the original bad weather glasses – Battle Vision Storm! See Clearer Wearing Battle Vision Your regular sunglasses may protect your eyes from UV rays, but unless they’re polarized, they don’t en

Date First Available‏:‎October 9, 2021

Plastic lens
UV Protection Coating coating
Lens width: 6.5 inches
The Ultimate Value Deal – Receive 6 total pairs of glasses, 2 Battlevision Sunglasses, 2 Night Vision Glasses, and 2 Battle Vision Storm Glasses
Night Vision – Our amazing green lenses reduce glare from oncoming traffic so you see everything on the road to help keep you and others safe.

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