Hilitand Full Decoding Dummy Battery,Type C USB to EN‑EL15 Dummy Battery Power Bank Adapter Plate, for Nikon D500,D600,D610,D750,D780,D800,D810,D850,Z5,Z6,Z6II,Z7,Z7II,V1,D7000,D7100,D7200,D7500

Price: $30.89
(as of Dec 02,2021 14:59:48 UTC – Details)

How to Use:
First plug the Type C charging cable into the power bank/charger and mobile power supply, the indicator light is on, then plug the DC end of the fake battery, and finally install the fake battery into the camera battery compartment (note: this step must be the last , Otherwise the camera will not turn on). If the installation sequence is reversed and the camera does not turn on, just take the fake battery out of the camera compartment and reinstall it to turn it on.

Item Type: Type C USB to EN-EL15 Fake Battery
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Model: DCC12 Type C
Weight: Approx.76g/2.7oz
Input Voltage: PD 9V/2A
Output Voltage: 8.4V/2A
Cable Length: Approx. 150cm/59.0in
DC Port Size: DC 4×1.7mm/0.2×0.1in (Positive Inside and Negative Outside)
Applicable Power Supply: Power Bank and Mobile Power Bank with PD 9V Protocol Output
Decoding Method: Full Decoding, Battery Display on the Camera

Package List:
1 x Fake Battery
1 x Type C Power Supply Line

Fully decoded fake battery, the battery level can be displayed on the camera, and no error is reported when the camera is turned on.
EN‑EL15 full decoding fake battery is suitable for Nikon D500,D600,D610,D750,D780,D800,D810,D850,Z5,Z6,Z6II,Z7,Z7II,V1,D7000,D7100,D7200,D7500
Fake battery is equipped with the latest advanced decoding circuit and a high efficiency reduction voltage circuit.
Multiple protection technologies, such as short circuit protection, overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection, ensure safety during use.
External power supply is made of high quality plastic, which can effectively reduce the heat of the camera and prevent the image quality from being affected by the heat of the camera.

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