LG Electronics 3550JJ0006A Refrigerator Toe Kick Plate, White

LG Electronics 3550JJ0006A Refrigerator Toe Kick Plate, White

Price: $41.66
(as of Nov 30,2021 06:30:50 UTC – Details)

LG 3550JJ0006A Refrigerator Toe Kick plate. Color: White. For use with the following LG Electronics models: LRBC22544WW, LRBN22514WW, LRDC22744SW, LBC22520SW, LRDC22743SW, LRFC22750SW, GMF228JQKA, GM818DVC, GM819DVC, LRFD22850SW, LDN22735SW, LRDN22734WW, LRBC22522WW, LFX23961SW, GMF228JVTA, LBC22518WW, LDC22720SW, GML238SQXH, GM818DVWA, LFC23760SW, LRDN22725SW, LRDN22720WW, GMB722DQFH, LRDN22711SW, LTC22350SW, GMB722SQFH, LRTN22310SW, LRTN22320SW, LBN22515WW, LTC22350WH, GMB228JVAA, LRTN22320WW, GMS792DBFA, GMB228JQCA, LRBN22525SW, GMT792DBCA, LRDC22731SW, GMT792DVCA, GMT792DVCD, 73262, GM818DBC, GM819DBC, LRBN22510WW, LRDN22712SW, LRBN22520WW, LRDC22731WW, GM819DBW, LRBN22511SW, GM818DBCA.

LG Electronics part number 3550JJ0006A
Refrigerator Toe Kick plate
Color: White
For use of some LG Electronics models
Refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part

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